Concrete Scrub and Concrete Floor Cleaning Services

Our specialty is concrete floor cleaning, scrubbing and sealing. Through our extensive experience, ConcreteScrub.com has become a strong source for local businesses, contractors, and property owners and managers throughout the greater Seattle / Tacoma area.

These services include, but are not limited to:

Power scrubbing with state-of-the-art, propane-powered, walk-behind and/or ride-on scrubbing machines
Pressure washing, steam cleaning and chemical degreasing
Dust-proofing sealer and penetrating application
Floor coating and adhesive removal
Paint and tape line residue removal
Computer room sub-flooring sealing
Post-construction cleanup
…and more!

Our Process

Our concrete floor cleaning services start off with our arrival at your facility, where we begin by removing debris with industrial grade floor debris removal equipment. We then start preparing the floors for a total wet scrub-down by using bio-degradable, environmentally friendly solutions and degreasing agents. Once we have completed the dust, debris, spill and stain removal process, the floors are then scrubbed multiple times with state-of-the-art, propane powered floor scrubbing equipment. The floors are left in an almost-dry condition as to not affect any packaging, stock or pallets on the floors. Finally, if desired, we can apply a sealant back to the flooring.

Reasons for maintaining a clean environment:

Present a clean property for potential leasing prospects
Protect employees health
Meet regulations and inspection guidelines
Present a clean and orderly workplace for customers, and/or board of directors that may visit un-announced
…and more!

A Maintenance Schedule can save you money…

We can prepare a customized cleaning maintenance schedule to best suit your business needs and budget – the end result being a cleaner, healthier and aesthetically pleasing environment. We offer weekly, monthly, semi-annual, and annual contracts. We have a large fleet of power-scrubbers, allowing us to take care of your on-going concrete floor cleaning needs quickly and efficiently. Ask about our maintenance schedules, you could receive a 20% discount!