Adhesive or Mastic on Concrete?

We’ll Remove It.

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Concrete Floor

Looking to put down carpet or tile over your concrete floor? You’ll need to remove any and all glue in those areas. That’s where we come in. ConcreteScrub has a history of over 20 years in the concrete cleaning business. We’re experts when it comes to removing glue, adhesives, and mastic from warehouse floors. No matter the type of adhesive stuck to your concrete floor, we will recognize it and identify the best method for removal (because, as we know, not all adhesives are removed in the same way!) Call today to schedule a session, or request a quote using the fields below.

You’ll need adhesive removal if any of the following are true:

  • You plan to put down tile, carpet, or any new flooring over adhesive-stained concrete
  • You plan to stain or polish the concrete for a more attractive finish
  • You plan to apply a sealer to the concrete
  • You plan to show and sell your space

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